Myths About Situs Bola

Debunking Common Myths About Situs Bola

Next to online poker, slot machines have emerged as one of the most popular online casino games. Compared to card games like poker and blackjack, online slots do not require any skill or gambling knowledge. Over twenty years ago, slots only accounted for 30 percent of the casino’s profits. Now, it accounts for 70 percent.  Despite the fact that situs bola do not require much skill, there are myths and misconceptions that surround this highly popular game. This article tries to debunk these myths.

The First Myth

The other player on your left just hit the jackpot, you are bound to hit it as well if you keep playing.

Slot machines have random number generators that continuously cycle numbers even if the machine is not being used. The number corresponds to the stops on the wheel that generates winning or losing symbols when the reel stops. The RNG of situs bola selects the combination at any given microsecond so that even if you keep on playing, it is impossible to stop the RNG to display the same winning combination.

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The Second Myth

It is possible to predict winning odds by counting the symbols on each wheel

Again this is false. The RNG generates a number for each spin so it is impossible to predict the odds. While you can only see a few symbols, there can be hundreds of virtual stops for each wheel. It is because of the number of possible combinations that makes the odds of winning the jackpot slim.

The Third Myth

Casinos can loosen or tighten the slot machines with the flip of a switch

It is the computer chip found in slot machines that determines the payback advantage. To modify the payback means you have to change the chip itself. Doing so would require the approval of the Casino Control Mission for each machine and this would entail a lot of paperwork. It is therefore important to determine the payback advantage before purchasing the machines and have the factory ship them with the correct chip.

The Fourth Myth

A machine that has not made payouts is due to hit.

Again because slot machines use random generators, it is impossible to determine if a machine is due to hit. Each spin is random and has no bearing on previous outcomes. As such, do not play more than you should because it can hurt your bankroll.

The Firth Myth

The temperature of the coins played will impact the payouts

The temperature has no effect on the slot machine. It will not matter if you play hot or cold or with old or new coins. The slot machine is a mechanical device and has no feeling.